For over 15 years the Michael Stars Foundation has been funding grassroots organizations working to create a more equal and just world. Thank you for being a part of our community. Your commitment to our brand allows us to stay committed to communities in need. This is the work you make possible:

Through partnerships and grants to organizations like the Ms. Foundation, A Call to Men, Take the Lead, Fund for Women's Equality, Madre, and Joyful Heart, we continue to work to end gender-based violence, empower young women globally, advocate for equal treatment of women and girls under the law, ensure gender equity in the work force, and build women's collective power.

The longtime partnership between Michael Stars and Step Up has supported over 2,220 teen girls get mentorship, and our grants to Children Mending Hearts has expanded arts education and anti-bullying workshops, reaching over 30,000 students in 1,200 classrooms around the world.

We have provided over 40,000 meals in partnership with the LA Regional Food Bank, as well as cash grants, diapers, masks and other emergency relief direct services to frontline workers and vulnerable people through partnerships with FreeFrom, One Fair Wage, and Justice for Migrant Women.

Our 2020 #TheTeeInVote campaign, in partnership with icon Gloria Steinem, benefitted incredible grassroots organizations, led by women of color, working to increase voter registration and turnout: Black Voters Matter, Voto Latino, and March On.

Committed to our planet, we have partnered with local non-profits to plant 3,000 sq ft of kelp forest off the coast of Southern California. We continue to make over 85% of our garments here in Los Angeles to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are so proud to partner with these organizations, past and present.